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Learning to Identify a Sinus Headache Symptom

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Why is it important to identify a sinus headache?

The reason is because often different varieties of headaches respond better to certain types of treatment or medications than to others. To treat a sinus headache effectively it is therefore essential to be able to recognise it from a migraine or tension headache.

Of course this is not always easy since they can often mimic one another. For example a migraine headache can affect the nerves found inside your sinus cavities making it appear as a sinus headache. If you are unable to tell the difference, we recommend that you see a doctor who will be able to help in the diagnosis. Unless you are able to identify the type of headache involved the treatment you select may be inappropriate.  A medication that works well for a migraine may not be effective in treating the symptoms of a sinus headache and vice versa.

Some symptoms of Sinus Headaches
The most common symptom of a sinus headache as the name implies is a pain in the sinus area or region.  This might include pain in the cheeks, pressure behind the eyeballs and pain in the forehead or temples.  The pain of a sinus headache can also extend to other areas including the back of the head, the top or even the whole head may feel swollen or painful.

Another common symptom is the stuffed up nose.  The pressure in the nasal passages builds up to a point where it causes a sinus headache.  This is a classic symptom and is usually a good indicator that you have a sinus headache and not a migraine.

Aching teeth is also a sign of sinus headache in some people provided it is accompanied by pain in the sinus areas also.

Quote: “If you have a lot of tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: "Take two aspirin" and "Keep away from children".” – Annon

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