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What Causes or Triggers Cluster Headaches?

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Scientists and medical practitioners are not yet in agreement as to the cause and so it’s difficult to provide a list of specific causes. However research has unearthed a number of very helpful clues that can assist in unravelling the mystery of cluster headaches.

Common Triggers of Cluster Headaches:
What are some of the triggers and what can be done to avoid them?

Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol consumption is a common denominator in many cases, in fact, the more alcohol a person consumes the more likely he will be suffer from a cluster headache. Therefore if you suspect alcohol might be a contributing factor then the simple solution would be to stop consumption of alcohol for a period. You can then see if there is any improvement in either the severity or the length of your headaches. You may even find that your cluster headaches have disappeared completely. If your headache improves then you will need to decide on whether the continued use of alcohol is worth the painful headaches. An alternative to stopping all alcohol consumptions is to cut back or minimize the amount of alcohol you consume. You may find that the moderate use of alcohol in all that is needed in order to better manage the pain of a cluster headache.

Glare of Bright Lights
The glare of bright lights is also a common trigger for people who suffer from regular bouts of cluster headaches.  If you suspect this may be the case with you then you should try to minimize the amount of glare you are exposed to.  Try wearing good quality sunglasses when outdoors on a bright sunny day for example.  The same is true when driving your car in daytime.  Reflected glare from the road can be just as uncomfortable as at the beach on a sunny day.  Added to this is the strain on the eyes because greater concentration is required when driving.  Keep a spare pair of sunglasses in the glove box and wear them even on a grey day, you will find this will lessen the occurrence of your cluster headaches.

Treatment of Cluster Headaches
Even though a definitive cure for your cluster headaches may be unknown, there is no reason to feel that you must put up with the excruciating pain of cluster headache. There are many readily available medications that will help relieve the pain, while not treating the cause, they can help relieve the symptoms enabling you to lead a normal life.  If OTC (over the counter) medications prove ineffective then you should see your doctor and ask for a prescription that is right for you.

Quote: “There is one topic peremptorily forbidden to all well-bred, to all rational mortals, namely, their distempers. If you have not slept, or if you have slept, or if you have headache, or sciatica, or leprosy, or thunder-stroke, I beseech you, by all angels, to hold your peace, and not pollute the morning.” – Ralp Waldo Emerson

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